FLUENTMART is a Marketplace where entrepreneurs regardless of business model can successfully trade at a minimal or no cost and become fully established. At FLUENTMART, we are passionate about the services and solutions we provide by always striving to exceed customers’ expectations through the implementation of modern and recent technologies. Our exceptional services are evident in the quality of the online marketplace we have provided. We are the first in the African region to establish an integrated marketplace that prides itself with the following unique features:

  • Merchants of different trades and professions can have their own shop or office where they can showcase their products and services
  • Merchants have the flexibility to setup their own store in a matter of minutes
  • Merchants can assign responsibilities to their staff
  • A simple user interface that makes it very easy to integrate your store with the most efficient dashboard.
  • Each Merchant has their own dashboard separate from their storefront where they can customize different features to suit their own operations.
  • The dashboard allows Merchants and customers to communicate with the Marketplace organization administrators.
  • Merchants can manage standard market activities such as issue pdf invoices, generate sales report, view the graphical analysis of their store performance, define product inventory, set prices and discounts and much more through their dashboard.
  • The provision of comprehensive Merchant verification features makes FLUENTMART a highly recommended eCommerce website.
  • Merchants can easily share their products and services on social media networks and create brand awareness so that they can have their own identity on a Marketplace that represents several brands.
  • Increase brand awareness amongst end users through a powerful search, wishlist and price comparison tools
  • Increase sales / revenue through high traffic generation strategy provided by FLUENTMART
  • FLUENTMART also has the provision for the store owners to have a trusted Merchant Badge attached to their storefront and thus promote trust and confidence amongst end users.
  • Merchants have dual shipping methods for effective delivery of their products to consumers.
  • At any point in time, merchants can terminate their account from their dashboard should they wish to do so.
  • A generous customer support to handle all your queries within 24 hours.

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